My name is Paulo “JCranky” Siqueira, and I’m a Scala Developer based in Berlin. In other words, a Brazilian “lost” in Germany. I currently work at Zalando SE, where I have lots of fun while using bleeding edge tools and frameworks from the Scala ecosystem.

Before moving to Berlin I helped starting the Scaladores group – a Scala user group in São Paulo. I also spoke quite a few times in conferences and meetups in Brazil and, loving community related things, I’m starting to do this in Europe as well.

I have been doing software development for a long time, originally with Java, until I got bored and ended up finding in the Scala language a great new world filled with great opportunities, that would still allow me to have fun coding.

You can see a little bit of what I do in my github page, including some of my Open Source contributions. I also have a couple of channels in Youtube, where I upload screencasts and other videos – (for now, only in Portuguese):

Finally, you can find me on twitter at @jcranky – bis bald!

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