Effective Java

Ok, I know. Shame on me. I should have read this book a loooooong time ago. This book is a little bit dated now; it’s from 2002, and the 2nd edition is already out.

Anyway, I finally came to it and it is worth every word. To be honest, I haven’t finished reading it yet, but it is nonetheless the best Java book I’ve ever read.

Effective Java

Effective Java

One of the things I loved the most in this book is that the author discusses everything in detail, explaining the “whys”. This is amazing, because you can merge this information with your own opinion and experience and end up having a new, better understanding of Java.

For example you, as the good programmer you are, certainly know that you should REALLY prefer composition over inheritance. But do you know why? Better yet, do you now how much inheritance can be GREATLY insecure? Well, this book explain this and shows very good examples.

I’m really looking forward to reading the 2nd edition now!

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