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Scala First Impressions

Somewhere in the last few months,  I decided to learn Scala. And master it. There are several reasons to do this, but a couple of them is enough for me: The desire to learn something new, different. Java is nice, … Continue reading

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OSGi and Modularization

I just finished listening to the episode 245 of the Java Posse podcast, about OSGi. The Java Posse is one of my preferred podcasts out there. In this episode, they feature an interview with Peter Kriens and B.J. Hargrave, two … Continue reading

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The Onslaught of the Tools

Before starting, please be warned: this is more like a philosophical post than anything else. I might say something in a sentence and then negate it in the next one. If you are ok with that, have fun reading on! … Continue reading

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