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A Scala Book… in Portuguese

It took me a while. A very long while, actually, but it is finally out: I have written a Scala book! The only gotcha here is that it is in Portuguese. And as far as I know (I might be … Continue reading

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Store date attributes as primitive longs?

I was reading the item 24 of this book and, in one of the last paragraphs, the author comments about storing date objects as a primitive long. The text is about making defensive copies of objects in your constructors and … Continue reading

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Effective Java

Ok, I know. Shame on me. I should have read this book a loooooong time ago. This book is a little bit dated now; it’s from 2002, and the 2nd edition is already out. Anyway, I finally came to it … Continue reading

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Extreme Programming Explained

A while ago, I read the book Extreme Programming Explained – Embrace Change (2nd Edition), from Kent Beck. You can find it at amazon.com. In this post I’ll talk a little bit about this book. In this book, Kent Beck … Continue reading

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