Extreme Programming Explained

A while ago, I read the book Extreme Programming Explained – Embrace Change (2nd Edition), from Kent Beck. You can find it at amazon.com. In this post I’ll talk a little bit about this book.

In this book, Kent Beck talks about Extreme Programming (XP), going through several values, principles and practices and how this all fits together. If you already have some experience with XP and want to go further, this is an excellent book for you. But if you have no idea of what XP is, you are better off searching for a beginners book on the subject, and then coming back to this one later.

I haven’t read the first version of this book, but according to the author, several things changed. He explains a lot of those changes, and what inspired them. For example, he tells that at first, he wouldn’t consider XP for really big projects, with large teams. But today, some success stories about this kind of XP usage can be found (mainly breaking a large team into small teams).

One point to notice is that, even though the book is excelent, it isn’t its contents that I like the most. It actually is the extensive bibliography. The author lists a lot of books on XP related subjects, with short yet usefull comments on each of them. A great place to go to find a new book to read!

So, grab this book and go for more XP!

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