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Java Café

A few weeks ago I went to Belgium, for an European Union project revision. While I was there, I saw this: This may not be new to European people, but certainly is to me! Nice, Java Café! And at lunch, … Continue reading

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Getting the data out of the tests

Hello everybody! A few days ago, while I was searching for ways to improve the tests in our projects, I found an interesting article with some ideas. The main concept was to make the tests behavior, data and actual implementation … Continue reading

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Hello everybody! This time, I will go a little bit off-topic. A few days ago, I started a podcast. The reason this is off-topic is that the podcast is not related to Java or Agile; it is about a game: … Continue reading

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Do you know what podcasts are? If not, shame on you! Podcasts are one of the best things invented in the last few years. And I really mean it. Podcasts are like radio shows, but you can download them, put … Continue reading

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Quick Jxta Introduction

According to the classical definition of a peer-to-peer network, peers that are part of this network should be able to run both as a client and as a server. This is what Jxta allows you to do. Jxta is a … Continue reading

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Sun Tech Days 2008

This last Monday and Tuesday hold the Sun Tech Days 2008, in São Paulo, Brazil. It was a nice and interesting event, although the last edition was better. The event happened in a good but small venue, Amcham. I had … Continue reading

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