Java Café

A few weeks ago I went to Belgium, for an European Union project revision. While I was there, I saw this:

Java Café

Java Café

This may not be new to European people, but certainly is to me! Nice, Java Café!

And at lunch, when adding sugar to my coffee:

Java Sugar

Java Sugar

So, it IS true! Java IS everywhere!

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3 Responses to Java Café

  1. Rafael Almeida says:


    This is very cool…. Is Sun spreading Java even at our lunch time just for money or to tell that Java is everywhere??

    I miss something on the Java Coffee up there…the Java logo…where it is????

    Anyway, I still hate coffee…. =]

  2. Paulo Renato says:

    To be honest, I don’t know if this is “official” Java Coffee from Sun… although if it is not, Sun may end up suing them sooner or later…

    Anyway, I still love Java AND Coffee!! And even more when they are together! hehehe

  3. neusa says:

    that’s very good!

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