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Doing my Bit Against CoronaVirus

We are all in a once in a lifetime kind of situation, and unfortunately it is not a good one. Our lives are changing, our work is changing, and we can’t really know what comes next. When we are out … Continue reading

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A plea for small Pull Requests

A Plea For Small Pull Requests Pull Requests (PRs) are the norm today when it comes to common software development practices in teams. It is the right way to submit code changes so that your peers can check them out, … Continue reading

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A Scala Book… in Portuguese

It took me a while. A very long while, actually, but it is finally out: I have written a Scala book! The only gotcha here is that it is in Portuguese. And as far as I know (I might be … Continue reading

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What is the Best forum software out there?

And I’m back! It has been a long while since I last blogged, so lets get going right away! What is the best forum software available out there? Not the best question to start with, so the best answer it … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2 flexibility: replacing a root volume in an instance

Time for some Amazon EC2 love. Currently, our main servers are running on Amazon EC2. This last week, for a reason still unknown, we ran into a lack of disk space problem. The solution is to replace the disk, which … Continue reading

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N900 Trial

Hello! After a big pause, I’m back =) For this comeback I’ll be talking about something off topic, yet interesting: a high end mobile phone. Out of the blue, I got a chance to try out the Nokia N900. In … Continue reading

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Motodev Summit Brasil 2010

One more quick post about an event. This time, the Motodev Summit 2010, that happened this last Wednesday, May 5th, 2010. I don’t have too much to say about it; in summary, it was a lot more marketing from Motorola … Continue reading

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Iced Earth in Brazil

Hi everybody! This post is EXTREMELY off-topic and contains no technical information, so feel free to skip it – I just couldn’t help it but write this one! This last Saturday, February 6th, Iced Earth came to São Paulo – … Continue reading

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Program-ME Dojo Globalcode

Quick post, to bring back some life to this blog =) About one month ago, on December 10th, Globalcode organized its first programming DOJO. The topic was Program-ME, Globalcode’s version of Arduino. The idea of a dojo is to try … Continue reading

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Globalcode’s Bug Novo Video

Just a quick update, while I finish the post about Spring Roo. Globalcode has finally published their “Bug Novo” video, which they had shown at the TDC event. Take a look here. It’s really worth watching, but its in portuguese … Continue reading

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