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A Scala Book… in Portuguese

It took me a while. A very long while, actually, but it is finally out: I have written a Scala book! The only gotcha here is that it is in Portuguese. And as far as I know (I might be … Continue reading

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What is the Best forum software out there?

And I’m back! It has been a long while since I last blogged, so lets get going right away! What is the best forum software available out there? Not the best question to start with, so the best answer it … Continue reading

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Amazon EC2 flexibility: replacing a root volume in an instance

Time for some Amazon EC2 love. Currently, our main servers are running on Amazon EC2. This last week, for a reason still unknown, we ran into a lack of disk space problem. The solution is to replace the disk, which … Continue reading

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N900 Trial

Hello! After a big pause, I’m back =) For this comeback I’ll be talking about something off topic, yet interesting: a high end mobile phone. Out of the blue, I got a chance to try out the Nokia N900. In … Continue reading

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Motodev Summit Brasil 2010

One more quick post about an event. This time, the Motodev Summit 2010, that happened this last Wednesday, May 5th, 2010. I don’t have too much to say about it; in summary, it was a lot more marketing from Motorola … Continue reading

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Iced Earth in Brazil

Hi everybody! This post is EXTREMELY off-topic and contains no technical information, so feel free to skip it – I just couldn’t help it but write this one! This last Saturday, February 6th, Iced Earth came to São Paulo – … Continue reading

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Program-ME Dojo Globalcode

Quick post, to bring back some life to this blog =) About one month ago, on December 10th, Globalcode organized its first programming DOJO. The topic was Program-ME, Globalcode’s version of Arduino. The idea of a dojo is to try … Continue reading

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