Motodev Summit Brasil 2010

One more quick post about an event. This time, the Motodev Summit 2010, that happened this last Wednesday, May 5th, 2010. I don’t have too much to say about it; in summary, it was a lot more marketing from Motorola than I was expecting. I was expecting more deep, technical stuff.

One of the talks...

One of the talks...

But there is one point I would like to make about Motorola, which is the reason to write this post. Motorola is releasing the Shops4Apps store. It is basically one more option for developers to sell mobile applications. It took me a while to understand why they are doing it, since there is already an Android Market, and almost all of their phones are Android phones today.

So here is what I think they’re doing: they are trying to beat Nokia, directly. Nokia has their own market place, called Ovi Store. It is out there, running and being used for a while now. Motorola wants to have their store as well. Simple as that. Also, I can think of one more reason they might be doing this: competitive advantage against other Android devices. Something like “our Android is better than the other’s”.

Boring... lets check e-mail...

Boring... lets check e-mail...

Now, as far as I know, we have quite a few market places / stores to sell mobile applications already: the Apple App Store (iPhone, iPad etc), Android Market, Ovi Store and now Shop4Apps. And this is to talk about the big ones; there are smaller initiatives out there.

What do you think? Is Motorola crazy to try to compete in this market all by itself instead of, for example, joining the Android Market or something like that? Or is this the right move? And what about the other markets? Do you think they are viable options to make some money? I might be wrong, but here in Brazil, at least for now, the Apple App Store seems to be the only place you can make some money today.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts!

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6 Responses to Motodev Summit Brasil 2010

  1. Hi Paulo,

    Seriously? I hated this event, but i have to admit that the food and place were nice.

    What about the contest of modelling clay? To me was the best thing hehehe.

    See ya.

    • Paulo Renato says:

      Wow, I forgot about the clay contest… probably because I don’t have any pictures of it, shame on me, a picture of that wow point nicely the apex of the event =p

  2. Randy Ksar says:

    hey Alberto and Paulo. Sorry that you hated the event. What other sessions were you looking to attend? We’re always looking at improving our events whether it be online or at a particular location. Let us know.

    • Paulo Renato says:

      I don’t remember of specifics right now, but the Android sessions were of special interest to me, but I came out from all of the ones I attended disappointed. Maybe my expectations were too high. One thing that could have made me feel better would be hands on sessions, to actually develop something and see them working.

      Also, in one of the sessions, I asked about Shops4Aps, and the answer given to me was dodgy… the guy ended up not answering me at all. But again, I don’t remember the guy’s name, I just remember it was one of the first sessions of the day.

    • Hi Randy,

      The same as Paulo my expectations were to high. I was expecting something more exciting about the technical part in all sessions.
      But like i said, in general the organization was excelent and i really appreciated your question.

  3. Randy Ksar says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Hands-on where you actually create an application would be a great session. Might need to be a hackathon the night before. I’ll pass it on to the team.

    If you have any further questions make sure to post them in our community discussion boards at

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