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Profissao Java 2010

Hi! Talking again about events: Profissao Java 2010 (something like Java Profession 2010 in english). This event happened yesterday, Saturday, June 26th, 2010 (obviously :P). Was an one-day event, right to the point filled with information regarding a lot of … Continue reading

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KeyStore Explorer and Digital Certificates

Ok, one more post aimed at my memory, but that can end up helping others as well ūüėČ I’ve been playing around with digital certificates in Java, because I’ll have to implement some stuff here that requires secure calls to … Continue reading

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DSL in Scala for Date Calculation

I’ve been attending a course about Java Architecture in Caelum these last weeks. In one of those Saturdays, the instructor mentioned a little bit about DSLs. Better yet, he gave us an example using Scala =) Now, the example was … Continue reading

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