Profissao Java 2010


Talking again about events: Profissao Java 2010 (something like Java Profession 2010 in english). This event happened yesterday, Saturday, June 26th, 2010 (obviously :P). Was an one-day event, right to the point filled with information regarding a lot of different topics, from JavaEE to Digital TV to entrepreneurship.

Talking about market opportunities and the right frame of mind when approaching career decisions, Bruno Sousa suggested a few books that we should read:

Bruno Sousa and a few book suggetions

Bruno Sousa and a few book suggetions

One other topic covered by the event was mobile platforms. Including some Java ME, Android and, despite the fact of not being Java, iPhone. I liked it. Here is a picture of Helder da Rocha talking about iPhone development:

Helder da Rocha on iPhone development

Helder da Rocha on iPhone development

Overall, I liked the event. The technical parts were interesting but what I liked the most was the focus on entrepreneurship that a lot of the presentations had. Hearing how others are building their business in our market is always interesting and fun – and help us avoiding some mistakes, when our time comes. The event run a little bit late, having ended after 8 pm, and we left really tired, but it was worth it.

Congratulations to the Globalcode team for one more great event =)

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