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GridGain first impressions

I’ve been working on a peer-to-peer project for a while. We are trying to build something new and interesting regarding transactions on top of a peer-to-peer network. Hopefully it will be useful =P. I’m not going to talk about that … Continue reading

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Mercurial basics for CVS users

We just made available here the initial code (only a draft right now) for the peer-to-peer project mentioned in this previous post. One of the things we decided to do differently from previous projects is to use an alternative approach … Continue reading

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Quick Jxta Introduction

According to the classical definition of a peer-to-peer network, peers that are part of this network should be able to run both as a client and as a server. This is what Jxta allows you to do. Jxta is a … Continue reading

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A peer-to-peer project

Since a few weeks ago, we’ve been involved in a peer-to-peer project, somewhat deeply – and a little less than this before. Then, in the last two weeks, we started to implement something. Just a small demonstration code (for now), … Continue reading

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