A Scala Book… in Portuguese

It took me a while. A very long while, actually, but it is finally out: I have written a Scala book! The only gotcha here is that it is in Portuguese. And as far as I know (I might be wrong, though) it is the first Scala book in this language. You can find it for sale here in the Casa do Código page.

The book was written with beginners in mind, i.e. people that never wrote any Scala code before, and one of the main reasons I decided it was worth writing in Portuguese was the lack of learning resources for Portuguese speakers to start learning the Scala language – also, there are plenty of resources covering those topics in English already.

Writing a book is a huge task. When I started, I never imagined how consuming that could be. But it ended up also being quite fun and full of learning opportunities, so well worth the effort. Now it is time to breath and perhaps consider another book… but not in the short term 😉

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