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Extreme Programming Explained

A while ago, I read the book Extreme Programming Explained – Embrace Change (2nd Edition), from Kent Beck. You can find it at In this post I’ll talk a little bit about this book. In this book, Kent Beck … Continue reading

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A peer-to-peer project

Since a few weeks ago, we’ve been involved in a peer-to-peer project, somewhat deeply – and a little less than this before. Then, in the last two weeks, we started to implement something. Just a small demonstration code (for now), … Continue reading

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Pair Programming

This is the way it works: every time anyone in the team needs to develop something, whatever it is, she does it in pairs. This means that two developers sit together and work to solve the same problem. Having done … Continue reading

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If you attend to developer conferences frequently, you probably have a lot of backpacks. Usually crap ones, but anyway… And this is my case, of course. The other day I was taking a look at these old stuff and got … Continue reading

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