Sun Tech Days 2008

This last Monday and Tuesday hold the Sun Tech Days 2008, in São Paulo, Brazil. It was a nice and interesting event, although the last edition was better. The event happened in a good but small venue, Amcham. I had the chance to keep in touch with some people and I ate some good food as well.

Maybe the reason I didn’t like it as must as the last one was the lack of really new and unexpected things… The speeches and tech talks were basically the same as in few other events I attended not too long ago. A little bit more up-to-date, but not that exciting nonetheless.

The only thing I really loved was a demo presented by Simon Ritter, where he used a Nintendo Wii controller and a projector. With the projector he painted a card in a piece of wood he was holding, of the size of an open magazine. He had put infra-red sensors on three of the wood piece corners. The Wii controller was standing on the table, and it was detecting the position of the piece of wood as Simon moved it. With this information, the projector updated the image of the card in the correct location, keeping it always inside the wooden piece.

Then he flipped the wood. And what happens? The back of the card is shown! And all of this written in Java! Amazing =)

To end this post, two pictures:

Fábio and Claudio

Fábio and Claudio at the Conference

People having fun at the Conference

People having fun at the Conference

I took these pictures at the reception party at the end of the first day. More food and drinks!

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3 Responses to Sun Tech Days 2008

  1. Fábio Serra says:

    It was a great event. Some good food, great friends who i had chance to re see, some interesting sessions, a lot of puffs and the duke dancer!!! kkkk 😀
    But the backpack that we won is terrible ;/… In next year, they have to give us a better!!

    See u!

  2. Paulo Renato says:

    Better backpack? I doubt it! Except for the one I won in the draw =D
    About the duke dancer… send me the video and I mighty post it here for everyone =)

  3. Eduardo says:

    Claudio .. oh man, drinking and spend your money .. your are rich (calaaaaaaaro, poor, i’m bob the snob)

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