OSGi and Modularization

I just finished listening to the episode 245 of the Java Posse podcast, about OSGi.

The Java Posse is one of my preferred podcasts out there. In this episode, they feature an interview with Peter Kriens and B.J. Hargrave, two men who seems to be involved a lot (full time?) in the development of OSGi. If you are like I was up to an hour ago, you know almost nothing about it, and maybe even find OSGi a little bit alien. If that is the case, you must listen to this.

Modularization is something that the core Java platform is really lacking right now, and OSGi seems to help covering this gap. After listening to the podcast, I now plan to take a deeper look into it, when I find the time. In the interview, they even discuss the JSR 294, which is supposed to bring modularization to Java 7 (god knows when…)

Now, if you don’t know why the issue of modularization is important, its because you haven’t messed with projects with lots of sources files and packages yet. If that’s the case, bookmark this post and come back later, when you discover you need it – or be pro-active and start to get ready for the problem now!

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1 Response to OSGi and Modularization

  1. Claudio Escobar says:

    Uhmm I heard about OSGI in a presentation but now i can take good information about it 🙂

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