OpenTDC 2009

This last Sunday I went to the OpenTDC event, organized by Globalcode. It took place at the Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, down here in São Paulo, Brazil. Like the one that happened last year, it was very nice.

The event started with Bruno Sousa talking about Open Source development and the Community. In the end, he introduced Juggy to the audience – don’t ask, see the picture bellow.

Bruno & Juggy!

Bruno & Juggy!

Shortly after that, we had a very, VERY interesting presentation on robotics. Made me want to learn electronics – really! I want to play with those things!! And you can somehow control it with Java! What?!



Then there was a short break for coffee and networking – I used a little bit more time than planned, and lost the beginning of the next presentation: J2EE architectures with JBoss Seam, JSF and/or Spring. No problem, I didn’t lost the most interesting part which probably was the second half of the presentation – great job, by Vinicius Senger and Alberto “Spock”!



Finally, time to lunch! We (and a huge number of people from the event) went to the local Burger King. Big queue and healthy-less food – but we do this kind of thing sometimes, right? The only drawback: I forgot to take pictures there…

The afternoon featured nice talks on Agile, Java and Digital TV, and a panel on Java FX, GWT and Flex. This last one was specially interesting, although I find strange to have GWT here, since it is totally different from the other two. JavaFX and Flex are clearly competitors, but not GWT.

JavaFX, Flex and GWT

JavaFX, Flex and GWT

Want to see more pictures? See these links to official ones:

In summary, the day was very good. I learned new things, and met some nice people again. I look forward to the next one!

Bye for now!

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