Falando em Java 2009

Hi! This post is one more about Java related events!

Two weeks ago, we had the OpenTDC 2009. And this last Sunday, we had the Falando em Java (Speaking Java) 2009. Those two were very busy weeks!

As OpenTDC, Falando em Java was a very nice event. Interesting presentations, and a lot of nice people. A lot of them were, actually, present at both conferences.

The Team at Falando em Java

The event started with some guys (sorry, I forgot their names!) talking about the history of the event, and of Caelum (the event organizer), and about how they both have been growing these last few years. Nice but could feature less marketing.



Next, we had Jim Webber talking about SOA. Very good! This was the first time I saw him talking, and he really knows what he is doing! This, and the latter one, were the best presentantions of the event, no question.

Jim Webber

Jim Webber

During OpenTDC 2009, Bruno Sousa introduced us to Juggy, and talked a little bit about the next big java event in Brazil: Just Java (and I’ll be there!). This time though, I managed to get a better picture:

Bruno & Juggy

Bruno & Juggy

Ok, not that much better, but anyway…

A couple of other presentations followed and then it was lunch time! Nice:



After lunch, two more presentations, a break, and then the second international one. This one was supposed to be given by Bill Burke, but he couldn’t attend due to Visa problems. So Jim Webber did it, and very nicely so. The topic: Restful Web Services.

From here on, I don’t have more pictures, my battery run out! But there were only a few things left: some gifts and the closing, plus some beer to end the day.

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1 Response to Falando em Java 2009

  1. Claudio Escobar says:

    I liked very much the presentations of VRaptor and the other about the possibility of dinamic interpretation by JVM, nice pictures >.<

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