Casual Class #006

This last Friday, the 26th of June, held the 6th Globalcode‘s Casual Class. It consisted of news they brought from the JavaOne, and a presentation on web application Archictectures – which they had presented at JavaOne as well.

There were a lot of nice little things presented to us, but overall talking to people was the most interesting part of the event.

Yara Senger, Vinicius Senger and Alberto Lemos were presenting. Nice to meet them again!

Alberto, Iara and Vinicius

Alberto, Yara and Vinicius

Also, they have already planned the next Casual Class, which will be about Robotics. To ilustrate, they had a few toys there. One of them was a machine that paints eggs!

Egg Painting Machine

Egg Painting Machine

At the end, Wine and Beer! Way to go! And I will attend the next one for sure =)

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1 Response to Casual Class #006

  1. Claudio Escobar Apparicio says:

    Great meeting!!! Now I almost beleave that Oracle will do great thinks to our java platform 🙂

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