Globalcode’s Casual Class: JAVAEE 6

This is a little late, but anyway…

Two weeks ago I attend one more of the Globalcode‘s Casual Class‘es. This one was about JAVAEE 6 and the main technologies that will be part of it when it comes out – apparently very soon.

I don’t have many pictures because I’m very smart and let my mobile’s battery run out… but let’s go through a few of the ones I got and talk about the contents of this event.



The event was split in a few individual topics, among them: JSF 2.0, JAX-RS, EJB 3.1 and JPA 2.0. Each one had different presenters, all of them great speakers! =)

JSF 2.0

JSF 2.0

JSF 2.0 was presented by Yara Senger and Alberto “Spock” Lemos. They mentioned some changes that are coming to JSF, and used a small demo application, SCRUM Toys, to explain how they got involved into actually using the new features.

JPA 2.0

JPA 2.0

Melissa Vilela spoke about the new features coming in JPA 2.0. There are a lot of nice things. Among them, the new Criteria API is not. To be brutally honest, that thing is ridiculously complex. It is clearly lacking some usage of the KISS principle.

Then there was a presentation about REST, more specifically JAX-RS. (no pictures, sorry). Nothing really new here, just the fact that the API, which was already done and available, is going to be part of JAVAEE 6.

EJB 3.1

EJB 3.1

The last topic was EJB 3.1. Like with EJB 3.0, things are moving towards a simpler development model, and this is what was presented. Nice, simplifications to EJBs are always welcome! =)

After that, Pizza! uhu! My only complain this time is that the technical sessions took longer than usual, and I was really hungry in the end! But it was well worth the time =)

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2 Responses to Globalcode’s Casual Class: JAVAEE 6

  1. Yara Senger says:


    Thanks for participating one more time in our events, no only on our Casual Classs, but OpenTDC, Profissão Java,etc. And of course for sharing your feedback in your blog, which contains several other great information.

    And, we are sorry about taking so long on the Class part, and delaying so much for the Casual phase. We’ll take care with this on the next time!

    Yara Senger

  2. Claudio Escobar Apparicio says:

    Very nice, a lot of good information for us java developers.

    About criteria API, I think that is used to construct dinamically queries. I had little experience with it in hibernate and it was very useful.

    Nice post 🙂

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