Globalcode’s Casual Class: Spring

Quick post: in this last Friday, February 26th, 2010, I attended the first Casual Class of the year, from Globalcode. The topic was the spring platform and, among the main subjects mentioned were Spring itself, Spring Roo, Spring and cloud computing and the launching of the Spring Brasil User Group. If my memory doesn’t fail me, this was the most packed  Casual Class until now. Thank you Globalcode for one more great event!

A few pictures for your pleasure:

Dr. Spock Introcting Spring

Dr. Spock Introducting Spring

Renato Bellia talking about Spring Roo

Renato Bellia talking about Spring Roo

Claudinho playing with our tags

Claudinho playing with our tags

This time, SIX developers from our team decided to attend! And it was a great time for everyone. Thank you guys (and gals)!

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1 Response to Globalcode’s Casual Class: Spring

  1. Claudio Escobar says:

    The best casual class. I’m excited to use Spring Roo and Spring 3.0. The Spring Tools with Dr. Tool(Ricardo Jun) it was the best presentation in my opinion.


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