Intro stuff on Scala


This is a quick post to share two introductory materials about Scala.

The first one is a video with a presentation done by Martin Odersky, creator of the Scala language. Great one, really worth watching:

The second is a prezi presentation I created for a Scala introduction presentation I did down here in Brazil. It is in portuguese, but I guess you can get a lot of the contents even if you don’t speak the language. You can find it here:

I also have some notes I used during the presentation, which I’ll probably turn into some blog posts – which means, of course, more Scala materials are to come =)

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3 Responses to Intro stuff on Scala

  1. Muito bom o curso.. estava procurando uma linguagem dinamica para estudar pois não gostei de ruby, agora ja achei ^^.

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