Just Java 2011


Its been a long time since I last posted about an event. So, to recover from the sadness, lets talk about Just Java 2011, a Java event that happened this last weekend here in São Paulo.

The event consisted of two days filled with three simultaneous talks almost the entire time. The first day was nice and, besides meeting some friends and acquaintances, I learned something about Digital TV (App Store for TV applications!), saw some discussions about cloud computing (GAE, AWS and Azzure) and other Java stuff. There was also a Scala presentation, by Alberto Souza, which was very nice.

Cloud computing discussion

Cloud computing discussion

Now, the second day was the most interesting for me. It started with a Java FX presentation by Roger Brinkley. In summary, now they have a java API to do Java FX stuff almost in release version. So is Java FX Script dead for real? I know its officially dead, but I find it a little sad, since the java code seemed a bit too verbose… Perhaps I should learn more about it before coming to conclusions.

Roger Brinkley talks about Java FX

Roger Brinkley talks about Java FX

Anyway… what followed was another Scala presentation… by me! =) It was the first time I presented at this kind of event, so regardless of being doing Scala talks at Globalcode for a while, I was a bit nervous. The audience seemed to like the talk, so I left feeling quite good. Thank you all who attended! If you are curious, I talked about Scala in general, covering basic ideas and features. Like always, I tried to make people want to learn more about the language. Hope it worked =)

I then proceeded to meet more people, and attend more Java talks. One worth mentioning is about EJB and a coffee machine. The presentation was done by Globalcode’s Vininius Senger, and was really energetic, as all his talks always are.

What he did was to control a power plug with an Arduino board, with a coffee machine plugged into that power plug. If I understood correctly, he had an application server installed in this laptop, where he had a Timer EJB. This EJB would be called through an web interface and schedule a time for activating the coffee machine. Finally, the timer would connect to the Arduino board (through bluetooth I think) and get the power plug activated, and thus the coffee machine turned on. Great Fun!

Vinicius and his coffee machine demostration

Vinicius and his coffee machine demostration

It was a great event. To finish, I would to thank the organizers for the opportunity to talk. I’m looking forward to the next event!

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