The Developers Conference 2011

From July 6 to 10 happened The Developers Conference 2011 down here in São Paulo. The other editions were really good and, better, this one topped all of them. It was a really fun and productive event. I had the chance to meet friends and to get to know new people. If you were not there, #protip for you: BE THERE NEXT YEAR. Really.

Before talking more about the conference, I have to thank Globalcode (in special Vinicius and Yara). They did a great job =)

Since last year, the premise of the conference is to have people from all kinds of backgrounds, from a lot of different communities, like Java, Ruby, Python, Agile, Javascript, .NET and lots more. Each day featured five different tracks, with different topics, to fit all those communities and tools. The result is that we had a lot of different people and lots of opportunities to talk to people you usually would not encounter. This was a really enriching experience.

In a personal level, this conference was special to me: I made two ‘speaking’ participations. In one of them I talked about Scala, an introductory talk (you can find the sample code used in the talk in my github). The other one was a panel consisting of people from different languages on the jvm – lots of fun =)

In the event, I had one personal fail moment, that should remain as a tip for everyone out there. In a given moment, when talking to someone, I was asked for my business card… and didn’t have any on me. So the obvious tip: always have business cards with you. Always.

Now, if you follow my posts about events you may have noticed that this one is a little different. It contains no pictures. This is due to a second fail, that happened on this last Monday. I lost (or it got stolen…) my mobile. And with it, all the pictures from the entire event. Sorry =(

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3 Responses to The Developers Conference 2011

  1. Hi JCracky, i saw your post, when you said “It contains no pictures”, you can take pictures about event in .

    take care guy

    • thanks =)

      I saw those pictures you mention, I was more concerned about the ones I took myself during the event. Usually, I use my pictures as a guide to remember what I went through in an event. Anyway. next time I’ll remember to copy my stuff earlier to somewhere.

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