a small store application in scala, with play and akka

I’ve been promising some people that I would put a personal project I’m working on available on github. I wanted to have it done and usable before doing that, but since I always get delayed by something, I decided to make the source code available right away. So I did this last week and you can find it here. It is called “lojinha”, which stands for something like “small store” in Portuguese.

The goal of the project is to implement a personal auction system, so that I can sell my used stuff I don’t want anymore. As of now, the project uses Play Framework 2.0 and Akka. Slow tasks like image thumb generation are delegated to akka actors. Also, the whole project is written in Scala, my current language of heart.

I’m still choosing where I’m going to deploy my instance when the project is ready, but I’ll publish a link here when it happens, so that you can buy something if you want =). It will probably be Amazen EC2 or Heroku.

Finally, all feedback is welcome!

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