What about the Scala community?

Here in Brazil, the scala community is still at its early stages. We are few, but we exist. And more people are always learning about the language, and some of them join the community. A friend and I even created a user group for in-person meetings, the Scaladores. We have almost a year now. And that is why I can say new people are getting to know Scala: we almost always have new faces in the meetings.

Now, how is the Scala community in your region? Europe in general, and in special London and Berlin seems quite nice in this regards. I’m always hearing about meetings and stuff in London, and will even be attending a conference there. Some places like the Bay Area in the USA also makes some noise. Where else?

I guess one of the things that shows how Scala is really growing, world wide, is the availability of courses and trainings, like the ones offered by Typesafe. And there are other companies doing this as well, like Dick Wall’s Escalate Software. So… now we have it in Brazil. In a partnership with Globalcode, I created a Scala course, to try to fill this gap.

Now the Scala ecosystem is more complete down here in São Paulo, Brazil. We have a user group, people using scala, new people learning (and loving) the language all the time, and now a training. What else is missing? What else do we need to help Scala grow even more in Brazil? Any comments, suggestions …. ?

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