An Amazon S3 Script, a Video and a question

Hi guys and gals! It’s been a long time since I last posted something. I’ll talk a bit about the reasons behind it in the end of this post, but first the main course: the S3 Script.

I had to write a script to fix some images I have in my small store (Lojinha), and the images are all uploaded to Amazon S3. So I figured I should do it in Scala, and also that I should create a video explaining how I did it. You can find the script in a gist here.

The video is here and, with it, I bring you a question. The video is in Portuguese – which obviously means that if you don’t speak this language, this is a problem. So the question: Are you interested in this content in English?

This is an important question, that goes back to my point in the first paragraph: the reason why I’m writing less here: I’m focusing a lot more on my Youtube channels (Dev, Games and Personal). Now, if you are a non-Portuguese speaker and if you tell me that you want to be able to understand the videos anyway, this might give me some energy to solve this problem.

The solution I have in mind is not creating whole new videos in English – that would be just too much work. But Youtube supports Closed Captions – which means I could just translate whatever I’m saying in Portuguese and add subs to the videos. Would that be compelling for you?

Thanks for sharing your opinions!


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