Value is everything

Hello! My name is Paulo Renato, and I’ll be the writer of this blog =)

To get this started, I want to talk about value. There are several other subjects to talk about in the topics that this blog intend to cover, but value is a good start since it is what should be guiding you anyway.

In agile development, we always try to develop what brings most value to the client – this is key to any successful project. Now, the point is that the most important thing in anything you do is actually value. You just have to define what value means for each specific case.

value for the client

The client may not be beautiful, but his value is what matters.

To use this blog as an example of both what to do and what not to do, I’ll tell the history behind its creation. I’ve been planning to write a blog for a long time now. But I wanted to make something big, not just a blog. I wanted to do a lot of other possibly interesting things together. I kept planning for sometime, but I never found the time to put it all up and running. So this is what not to do: don’t try to get everything done at once when planning and / or executing your ideas, projects or whatever. If you don’t have the resources required (time, in this case), you can end up having nothing, which means no value at all.

Then I thought: “What is the most important thing for now? What would bring my potential readers the most value, right away?” In this case, the value is the information I what to put out and, also, my own satisfaction with this. The rest can come later, If there is demand and I can afford the time. So this is what to do: break the problem in smaller chunks, choose whatever would bring the most value, and do it. Leave the rest for later, and if “later” never comes, it probably means you don’t need it.

That’s it for the first post, right to the point!

Thank you for reading! And don’t forget to subscribe to the blog’s feed 😉

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2 Responses to Value is everything

  1. Denis says:

    Parabéns pela iniciativa Paulo! Que o seu blog se torne muito famoso! receba muitas visitas e tenha um pagerank 7

  2. Claudinho says:

    First I congratulate you, i known you well and i can say that this blog is going to have only important and useful subjects.
    I quite agree with you, the client don’t know what is really important to him, we need to help him to find the best value artifcts for the project and this is one of the most important things to have a success.

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