Globalcode’s Casual Class: Robotics

Yesterday held the seventh edition of the Globalcode‘s Casual Class, this time featuring Robotics. Like before, this is a meeting that includes technology, pizza and beer! Can’t get much better than that =)

Myself at the event

Myself at the event

This time, the event was mainly presented by Vinicius Senger, Paulo (not me =p), and Alberto “Spock”. They talked a lot about robotics (of course) and electronics. Although I don’t think I will be using any of this information soon, it was very fun!

Vinicius Senger Opening the talks

Vinicius Senger Opening the talks

One of the biggest topics was Arduino, and “Open Source” Hardware. This is basically a controller board that you can build yourself at home, with very cheap components.

Paulo talking abour ATmega and Arduino

Paulo talking about ATmega and Arduino

They also did some nice demonstrations, and explained how Arduino works, going a little bit in depth. I can’t say I understood too much here, but it certainly got me curious to find out more. I hope to find some time to at least play a little bit with some ideas. If it happens, I’ll post my discoveries here for sure!

For example, they showed the Egg-Painting robot running, which they had mentioned in the previous edition of the Casual Class.

One of the crazy demonstrations

One of the crazy demonstrations

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4 Responses to Globalcode’s Casual Class: Robotics

  1. Yara says:

    Excelente cobertura do Casual Class, uma das melhores coisas de eventos como este é encontrar pessoas da comunidade como você. Que estão sempre interessadas, motivadas e estudando coisas interessantes.

    Valeu, e até a próxima!
    Globalcode – Minicursos gratuitos, cursos e carreiras Java

  2. Paulo Renato says:

    Obrigado! =)

  3. Claudio Escobar says:

    Very good metting, I think that is dificult to don’t have wish to make robots after this casual class.
    Good post 🙂

  4. Fabio Serra says:

    Cool! I’ll be there in the next one!! 🙂

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