Lojinha (small store) is in production!


In this (a bit old) post, I mentioned an application I’m developing, called Lojinha – which stands for “small store” in portuguese. This development has two goals: exercise and explore some technologies I’m studying and using, and to sell (for real) some old stuff I have at home that I don’t use or want anymore.

I completely forgot to mention it here (which is the reason for this post), but Lojinha is now in production… for about a couple of months. You can find it here. It’s really refreshing to have it out there. It is a very simple application, yet it took me a while to find the time to put into it.

If you are interested in anything I’m selling, just post a bid (a fair one please), or contact me directly – either way is fine.

If you don’t care about my stuff, but are curious about how I developed that, the source code is available in my github. The application uses Play Framework 2.0 and Akka 2.0 – nice stuff!

Like I mentioned in the original post, I wanted to deploy the application in some cloud provider – and the one I was more familiar with won: Amazon EC2. It is running on a micro instance, and so far it is really working well.

Any feedback is welcome, both about the code and about the store itself.

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1 Response to Lojinha (small store) is in production!

  1. Thanks for sharing this – I’d been wanting to explore these tools, and this is a great example.

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