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Scala at the guardian uk

Hi! In the news this last week, there was some information regarding the usage of Scala by The Guardian, a UK newspaper, and one of the biggest on the planet. I was aware that they were using Scala internally, but … Continue reading

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sbt and maven

A few months ago I talked about my first impressions about sbt (simple build tool) here. My conclusion at the time was that NetBeans + Maven combination would suit me better. This changed a little bit, so I’m revisiting this … Continue reading

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Why I gave up Google App Engine for now

Google App Engine is nice. Cloud Computing is nice. But I’m giving up GAE for now, and bellow is why. I (re)started to play around with Google App Engine about one or two weeks ago. Of course I read a … Continue reading

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Simple Build Tool for Scala

Recently I started looking at some alternatives for increasing productivity when writing code and building systems in Scala. One option that is getting some attention is SBT – Simple Build Tool. In some ways, it is similar to Spring Roo. … Continue reading

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N900 Trial

Hello! After a big pause, I’m back =) For this comeback I’ll be talking about something off topic, yet interesting: a high end mobile phone. Out of the blue, I got a chance to try out the Nokia N900. In … Continue reading

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Profissao Java 2010

Hi! Talking again about events: Profissao Java 2010 (something like Java Profession 2010 in english). This event happened yesterday, Saturday, June 26th, 2010 (obviously :P). Was an one-day event, right to the point filled with information regarding a lot of … Continue reading

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KeyStore Explorer and Digital Certificates

Ok, one more post aimed at my memory, but that can end up helping others as well 😉 I’ve been playing around with digital certificates in Java, because I’ll have to implement some stuff here that requires secure calls to … Continue reading

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DSL in Scala for Date Calculation

I’ve been attending a course about Java Architecture in Caelum these last weeks. In one of those Saturdays, the instructor mentioned a little bit about DSLs. Better yet, he gave us an example using Scala =) Now, the example was … Continue reading

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TDD Talk at UMC

Yesterday I gave a speech, with two friends, about Test Driven Development at UMC, here in Mogi das Cruzes – SP – Brazil. The talk was nice, and this post is just to thank Claudinho and Fabio, the two friends … Continue reading

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Scala Pattern Matching: the reason to fall in love with Scala

Scala has a lot of interesting features and, among them, one of the most interesting ones is Pattern Matching. If you still need a reason to try Scala this is the one. Actually, I might be exaggerating a little bit, … Continue reading

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