Maratona JBoss


Just a quick update, to bring some life to this blog, before it gets covered in dust!

This last Saturday hold the “Maratona JBoss”. It was an event organized by Tempo Real Eventos here in Brazil. It was very nice, covering performance, JBoss Seam and a success case. Nice!

Maratona JBoss Lunch

Lunch Time - Claudinho, Alberto and Fábio

.. and maybe next time I should be in the picture as well… 😛

Maratona JBoss

Paggo is doing great things with JBoss!

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2 Responses to Maratona JBoss

  1. Rafael Almeida says:

    Post #1! o/

    I’ve made in interview job on paggo….very interesting company…but they don’t wanted me =[

    Is fabio with some food in his mouth?

  2. Paulo Renato says:

    He probably had some chips in! 😀

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