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Maratona JBoss

Hi! Just a quick update, to bring some life to this blog, before it gets covered in dust! This last Saturday hold the “Maratona JBoss”. It was an event organized by Tempo Real Eventos here in Brazil. It was very … Continue reading

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Mercurial workflow

A few days ago, I posted here about the basics of working with mercurial. A little after that, Tor Norbye, from Sun Microsystems and The Java Posse, posted about his workflow with mercurial, a few problems he had with it, … Continue reading

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Mercurial basics for CVS users

We just made available here the initial code (only a draft right now) for the peer-to-peer project mentioned in this previous post. One of the things we decided to do differently from previous projects is to use an alternative approach … Continue reading

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Java Café

A few weeks ago I went to Belgium, for an European Union project revision. While I was there, I saw this: This may not be new to European people, but certainly is to me! Nice, Java Café! And at lunch, … Continue reading

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Hello everybody! This time, I will go a little bit off-topic. A few days ago, I started a podcast. The reason this is off-topic is that the podcast is not related to Java or Agile; it is about a game: … Continue reading

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Do you know what podcasts are? If not, shame on you! Podcasts are one of the best things invented in the last few years. And I really mean it. Podcasts are like radio shows, but you can download them, put … Continue reading

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If you attend to developer conferences frequently, you probably have a lot of backpacks. Usually crap ones, but anyway… And this is my case, of course. The other day I was taking a look at these old stuff and got … Continue reading

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