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Continuous deployment

Continuous deployment. How does that sound to you? Crazy? Beautiful? Difficult? For me, its every one those and than some more. I recently translated this InfoQ article about such topic, and it really made me think about the idea. Maybe … Continue reading

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Infoq contributions

A few months ago I started to contribute to the brazilian version of the InfoQ website. My contributions consist basically of translations of some of the articles published in the english version. If you are interested, I created a page … Continue reading

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Software Quality and Agile

Often when we talk about agile software development, we mention how important quality is. In this post, I’ll run quickly through some thoughts and practices on how agile tries to guarantee this so-called higher quality. When I first started using … Continue reading

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Getting the data out of the tests

Hello everybody! A few days ago, while I was searching for ways to improve the tests in our projects, I found an interesting article with some ideas. The main concept was to make the tests behavior, data and actual implementation … Continue reading

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Do you know what podcasts are? If not, shame on you! Podcasts are one of the best things invented in the last few years. And I really mean it. Podcasts are like radio shows, but you can download them, put … Continue reading

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Extreme Programming Explained

A while ago, I read the book Extreme Programming Explained – Embrace Change (2nd Edition), from Kent Beck. You can find it at amazon.com. In this post I’ll talk a little bit about this book. In this book, Kent Beck … Continue reading

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Pair Programming

This is the way it works: every time anyone in the team needs to develop something, whatever it is, she does it in pairs. This means that two developers sit together and work to solve the same problem. Having done … Continue reading

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