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GridGain first impressions

I’ve been working on a peer-to-peer project for a while. We are trying to build something new and interesting regarding transactions on top of a peer-to-peer network. Hopefully it will be useful =P. I’m not going to talk about that … Continue reading

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Dynamic namespaces with XSLT and Java

Recently I had to implement an XSLT transformation for a project here. It didn’t seem too complicated at first, since XSLT is not an alien technology – actually, it is pretty simple to use / develop with. The problem was … Continue reading

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Globalcode’s Casual Class: Spring

Quick post: in this last Friday, February 26th, 2010, I attended the first Casual Class of the year, from Globalcode. The topic was the spring platform and, among the main subjects mentioned were Spring itself, Spring Roo, Spring and cloud … Continue reading

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Program-ME Dojo Globalcode

Quick post, to bring back some life to this blog =) About one month ago, on December 10th, Globalcode organized its first programming DOJO. The topic was Program-ME, Globalcode’s version of Arduino. The idea of a dojo is to try … Continue reading

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Spring Roo: First Impressions

Two weeks ago I attended to the event The Developer’s Conference, down here in São Paulo, Brazil. I covered it here and here. One topic I decided to cover separated is Spring Roo. Rod Johnson, from SpringSource presented it in … Continue reading

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Globalcode’s Bug Novo Video

Just a quick update, while I finish the post about Spring Roo. Globalcode has finally published their “Bug Novo” video, which they had shown at the TDC event. Take a look here. It’s really worth watching, but its in portuguese … Continue reading

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TDC – The Developers Conference 2009 – day 2

In the last post, I talked about the first day of The Developers Conference. Now lets talk about day number 2. Very different from the previous day, this one started full of coding. And during the day, we kept seeing … Continue reading

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